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What is a

'A POAP, or Proof-of-Attendance-Protocol, is a type of NFT collectible that offers online and offline event-goers a unique digital badge to commemorate their attendance.'

How to claim a

How do I claim a POAP?
Short answer 'when you attend a

POAP-sponsored event, the organizer will distribute claim codes in the form of QR codes or URLs (webpage).

Scan the QR code or enter the URL (website link) in your browser to claim the POAP using your Ethereum address, or enter your email to reserve the POAP so you can claim it at a later time.'

How to Set Up Your POAP App & Claim Your First POAP at NFTSYD

To claim a POAP, first download and set-up the POAP mobile App:

  1. Download the POAP app:  

  2. Log in to the POAP app: Enter your email address or your ENS name or ETH address in the empty box to begin your collection.

  3. Scan QR code provided at the NFTSYD event.


How to setup Metamask

Follow instructions here 👉

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