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Welcome to the official @nftsyd – NFT Sydney website. We specialize in in-real-life & digital curated events for the Web3 community, brands, and projects. Whether you're new to the scene or a seasoned Web3 veteran, we invite you to join our dynamic and innovative community. Entity: Community Australia Established: October 2021 Founders: Simone Leonelli and Karl Winterstein ABOUT NFTSYD NFTSYD is your premier gateway to the vibrant world of Web3 and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)! We're more than just a platform; we're a thriving community of creators, collectors, developers, founders, and enthusiasts, all united by our passion for the limitless potential of Web3 and NFTs. Dive into our diverse digital marketplace, where art, innovation, and blockchain technology intersect. Whether you're an artist seeking to monetize your creativity or an investor scouting for the next big thing in the crypto space, NFTSYD is your one-stop destination. Explore, engage, and expand your NFT journey with us. Join NFTSYD today, and let's shape the future of digital ownership together.


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🏖️ Web3 Beach Party

Join NFTSYD & StacksAustralia as we celebrate our final event of 2023 with a family-friendly BBQ among our Blockchain & Web3 community. Come along to the world-famous Bondi Beach for a day of fun and networking! 🏖️ Web3 Beach Party 🗓️ Date: Sunday, 10th December 🕚 Time: 11 AM until Sunset 📍 Location: Bondi Park, Bondi Beach (Refer to the map in the photos for details) Activities: Music, Dance, Prizes, BYO BBQ 👪 Family-Friendly Event: Please note that this is an alcohol-free event, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all ages.

AGO ART Project: Legacy of Augusto Perla

AGO ART Project: Legacy of Augusto Perla Project Overview: AGO ART, a collection celebrating Augusto Perla's artistic genius, represents a journey of healing and self-discovery. These vibrant, emotionally rich artworks, discovered in his mother's garage, embody resilience and inspiration. Objective and Impact: This project honors Augusto's life and his contribution to mental health awareness. By tokenizing his artworks, AGO ART supports mental well-being initiatives, with part of the sales being donated to Heart On My Sleeve, an organization dedicated to mental health advocacy and support. NFTSYD's Role: NFTSYD is proud to showcase AGO ART, bridging art and technology. Our involvement ensures Augusto's legacy endures, leveraging NFTs to promote wellness and preserve these meaningful artworks.